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  • Netiquette
    How to behave in this game
  • FAQ
    Account related questions

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18.04.2010 - New guide about Ingame Communication

There is a new and very basic guide about Ingame Communication. We will add a more detailed version sometime in the future.

You can find it here: Ingame Communication

17.04.2010 - New guide about Retirement and Rebirth
The guide about Retirement and Rebirth is renewed and extended. You can find the new version here: Rebirth

23.11.2009 - New ency team members
I am glad to announce that the Encyclopedia development team can welcome some fresh blood. We are still recruiting as there are also people quitting from time to time.

Please welcome:

  • tomy
  • Skarp
  • Mudinmo

There are also some new entries that are worth a look:

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27.09.2009 - Encyclopedia is recruiting
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The Encyclopedia Team is currently recruiting and the following jobs need to be filled:

  • editors for completing ency content
    • write new entries
    • rework existing entries
  • proof-reader of english texts
    • proof-reading of existing entries
    • proof-reading of new texts before adding to ency

If you are interested, reliable and willing to help, please message Jesterwith some pieces of information about yourself. Everyone with enough time and commitment is welcome.

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